Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser price

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Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser price

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Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser price Our History
Wuxi Qiuyuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd, locating in China Environmental Town, Yixing city, is a specialized in designing, installation and commissioning full project for industry wastewater treatment, sewage water treatment and odorous air (VOCs) abatement solutions.
Our Factory
Wuxi Qiuyuan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. Brand is Bioetp ,Specializes in the engineering design and equipment manufacturing of industrial wastewater and waste gas treatment, and provides customers with stable, economic and low energy consumption solutions. Located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China's environmental protection city, Bioetp specialized screw press sludge dewatering machine manufacturer, and provides installation, commissioning and operation services for customers.
Bioetp has established cooperative relations with domestic well-known universities such as Zhejiang University and Nanjing University of technology to provide customers with continuous and reliable technical support and solve various difficult and miscellaneous problems of environmental protection. Bioetp combines the latest technology and rich experience to create high-quality, durable, energy-saving and efficient products for customers.
Our Product
Main Products: Wastewaster treatment equipment: screw press sludge dewatering machine,dissolved air flotation,MBBR media,disc fine bubble aerator,horizontal screw dehydrator,continuous sludge dryer,PE drum dosing device,full-automatic dosing device,clarifier,rotary drum screen,mechanical bar screen etc.
Waste gas treatment equipment: spray tower, biological trickling filter box, FRP fan,biofiltration for VOCs and odors abatement
Product Application
Business Scope
Industry Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fishmeal processing plant
Fish processing plant
Oil refinery
Slaughtering plant
Diary plant
Chemical plant
Textile plant
Electroplate plant
Foundry blacking plant
Stainless steel/Aluminum manufacturing plant
Odor/VOCs Abatement Plant
Washing Scrubbers
Active carbon absorber
Wastewater treatment plant(WWTP/SWTP)
Fishmeal plant
Feeds processing plant
Poultry house
Animal manure storage
WTP equipment
Bar screen
Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
Disc aerator
Tube aerator
Air blower
Screw press sludge dehydrator
Disc dryer sludge dehydrator
Chemical dosing tank
Ozone generator
Washing scrubber
Active carbon absorber
Our Service
The company has a rigorous style, skilled after-sales service team, to provide users with fast and thoughtful service. The company's technical guidance team is a team with many years of technical experience, and is able to complete projects with high efficiency and quality. We rely on the deep understanding of each local country: with years of accumulated deep solid technology and construction ability, to provide you with the whole process of service from design, installation planning, repair to maintenance.Nano Bubble Tube Diffuser price

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